Overcome Trauma

We often think that those affected by trauma have experienced a life threatening event like a car accident, war or a natural disaster but anything that is deeply distressing or an accumulation of smaller or less pronounced events, can also be considered traumatic. 

A disturbing event may affects you in a completely different way to how it affects another as there is no one size fits all when it comes to trauma.

You may have overwhelming emotions and not be able to stop crying, or on the other hand feel numb and zoned out. 

You may have distressing thoughts that keep looping in your head and you might keep thinking “if only I...” or “I should have....” filling you with guilt and shame.

Memories of a disturbing event are not something that you can “just forget’. You may want to switch off your distress but you just can’t and because it can feel like there is danger all around, a sense of comfort and security may be lost and being constantly on guard and on edge can leave you feeling exhausted.

Your life might start to become more limited as you to avoid places, people or things that remind you of the horrible event and trigger uncomfortable emotions. You may even put up a wall between yourself and others as your trust diminishes.

It’s just wrong that you should have to go through so much distress and your whole future affected because of something that happened in the past. 

Psychologists try talk therapy, CBT or even EMDR over many months to little effect, but healing from trauma is not as difficult as you might think. 

Using a leading edge, quick and painless process I can help you put those horrors to rest so that those memories, thoughts and emotions no longer haunt you.

There is no need to suffer any longer when you can claim your life back now.

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