About Jacki White

I have had an interest in health and wellbeing from a young age and have worked in the health food industry and studied Zen shiatsu, Ki yoga, Food as Medicine and Karate. These disciplines have given me an solid understanding of the mind-body connection and the energy systems within the body and the environment,

I graduated from University of Technology in Sydney with a BA in Design . I see design whether its fashion, architecture, graphic design or other forms of design as a means of expression and communication. It involves thinking of an idea, then expressing it by the use of visual or verbal means of communication and the sharing and perceiving of that idea. Emotional responses can be triggered not only by words but by colour, form and symbolism.

Hypnotherapy has allowed me to tie together my passions for both design and well being, as hypnosis is a form of communication. It is a communication with the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind understands symbolism, colour and form. By tapping into the unconscious mind we can allow the unconscious mind and the conscious mind to come to mutual understanding allowing for desired changes to take place. 

As your therapist my job is to design a treatment plan to suit your individual needs and to guide you to access your internal resources and find solutions within yourself that will enable you to reach your desired outcome. You are the only one that holds the key to resolve your issues and find answers to your problems. 

Let’s work together, create a map and a strategically plan of how to find the key to unlock the treasure within.



  • Diploma Clinical hypnotherapy
  • Practitioner Certificate of NLP
  • Certificate in Zen Shiatsu II
  • Certificate in Food as Medicine
  • Certificate in Corrective Ki Yoga
  • BA Design UTS