Lift Depression

Friends and family may think that you’re just “feeling sad” and expect you to easily get over it.

But along with feeling sad you may feel depleted of energy and lack any motivation to do anything. 

The experience of depression is varied and may be different for different people.

Perhaps the things that you love doing have lost their appeal and just getting out of bed is a struggle or perhaps everything feels difficult, like life is against you and you may find yourself becoming irritated or annoyed. 

Shame may try  to trick you into pushing people away and you loose any sense of connection with others as they just don’t understand what you are going through or you might try and put on a happy mask and hope others don't see through it. 

You may even loose a sense of connection with yourself and feel completely numb and empty, a feeling of nothingness.

As you lose sight of a way forward feelings of hopelessness sink in and even though you don’t like the way your feeling you feel helpless to control it. 

Whatever your experience, its unfair that you are being robbed of feeling pleasure, joy and vitality in your life.

You may have tried counselling or going to a psychologist but find it is a long slow process with little progress. Antidepressants don’t seem to work and the side affects unpleasant.  

The thing is that there is hope and there is a way forward even though you might not be able to envision it yet. 

Using modern psychological interventions that are tailored to your individual needs I can help you find a pathway through the fog of your depression enabling you to reconnect with your true self, find pleasure and joy and find hope for a enjoyable life ahead.

Don’t let depression suck you down into its hole. 

Call now for a free 15min phone consultation to identify exactly the course of treatment that is right for you. 

You can then book in for an appointment that will positively turn your life around.

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