Smoking / Habits

Perhaps you want to feel healthier and breathe more easily or perhaps have more cash in the bank or maybe you just want to have beautiful long and healthy nails.

Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking, stop nail biting and other habits that are controlling your life because you CAN take back control NOW.

With Hypnotherapy you can easily break the ball and chain of habits that have been dragging you down. Most habits have a psychological basis that is much stronger than the physical and with hypnotherapy you can change the way you view and relate to those habits at a subconcious level, allowing for deep and lasting change.

Book now and you will discover how easy it is break free. 

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Anxiety / Depression

Imagine falling asleep easily and waking up refreshed, full of energy and bounding out of bed with excitement for the day ahead.

You can be free from the grip of depression, fear and anxiety because

Hypnotherapy will empower you to take back control and feel comfortable and at ease, bringing back joy into your life.

You really should discover for yourself that you can break free and pave the way for a happier, more joyous and fulfilling life so call now and live the life you deserve.

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Weight Loss

What would it be like if you could feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. What would it be like to feel healthy and energetic everyday. Imagine trying on clothes and being proud of what you see in the mirror. 

By having a clear and compelling goal and a solid treatment plan you can easily and effectively reach your desired weight, and as you tap into your subconscious you can uncover, resolve and integrate all parts of you that may be holding you back.

With a customised treatment plan we can to get to the root of the problem and uncover the triggers and subconscious patterns that  can cause  challenges. Using Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques you can eliminate old thought patterns and limiting beliefs and create permanent change.

Book NOW and be on your way to a new healthier and happier you.

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Phobias / Fears

Is your phobia or fear ruling your life? Imagine having peace of mind and freedom to live your life unrestricted, feeling comfortable and at ease. 

Although we can understand on a conscious level that our fears are irrational, on a subconscious level they are seen as a real threat and can cause both physical and psychological stress. Every time we encounter the perceived threat our fear is reinforced creating a conditioned response.

Hypnotherapy can help you create new thoughts and perceptions around the phobia or fear and develop a new response so that it is no longer a problem for you.

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Imagine how life would be having freedom from pain, having undisturbed sleep and feeing physically active and healthy.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful method of influencing both the psychological reference to pain and the physical experience of pain, allowing you to take back control of your life again.

The experience of pain is a warning signal to us that something is wrong but often with chronic pain the nervous system perceives pain when there is no actual danger or the amount of pain is disproportionate to the injury or damage.There may be a certain amount of anxiety that comes with chronic pain which can lead to worry, disturbed sleep, irritability, and muscle tension which can further exasperate the pain. Activities and movements may be reduced due to the fear of causing more pain, leading to avoidance and immobility which simply worsens the pain rather than making it better.

With Hypnotherapy we can learn new ways of thinking about the pain and new ways of responding to it and by doing so we can retrain the neural pain receptors and calm down an over sensitised nervous system, reducing or even eliminating the pain.

Pain should be taken seriously and it is vital if you are in any kind of pain that you have it medically assessed before you proceed with hypnotherapy.

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Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic experiences.

They can experience feelings of panic or extreme fear, similar to the fear they felt during the traumatic event. There is an anticipated or expected danger based on past experience but there is no longer a real danger or threat. 

Symptoms include re-living the traumatic event, hypersensitivity, sleeping difficulties, avoidance of the reminders of the event and feeling emotionally numb.

EMDR and hypnotherapy can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of healing.

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